Hints and Helps for Using Cadet Records Manager v3

Hints and Helps for Using Cadet Records Manager v3

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CRM V3 - Quick Start Guide
Use this guide to get familiar with the major features of CRM Version 3
  1. Cannot Add a New Student – Foreign Key Error
    Symptoms: When you attempt to add a new student, you see an error that says there is a foreign key constraint, or that the ID may be in use.

  2. Multipage Reports Seem to be Missing Data
    Symptoms: When scrolling through the report preview, data seems to be missing.

  3. Reports Appear and Print Tiny and Cramped in the Upper Left Part of Page
    Symptoms: Reports appear to be approximately 1/3 to 1/4 of the size of the page.

  4. Setting Up the CRM Backup Location
    Symptoms: How to set up the CRM Backup Location to a shared folder.

  5. Secondary System Cannot Backup to Shared Folder on Primary System
    Symptoms: Secondary system is unable to backup to the primary system's shared backup folder.

  6. SQL Server Refused the Connection
    Symptoms: Unable to connect to the CRM database.